Currently…. April 2014

Happy HUMP DAY!! 

Did you all miss me?  I know it has been a few weeks since my last post but I am back icon smile Currently.... April 2014

I figured I would catch you all up on what I have been doing lately with this current post.  I found this cool idea from Running with Spoons.  She is one of my favorite bloggers to follow.  You should definitely go check her out (after you get done reading mine of course) haha

Current book…  Eat to Live Cookbook.  I have been trying out 1-2 of the recipes each week since February.  So far I am enjoying most of them.  I have found a couple of favorites that I will be adding to my own recipe box. icon smile Currently.... April 2014  If anyone is interested in the cookbook, I suggest trying the Zucchini Pasta-less Lasagna.  It is DELICIOUS!!!

9780062286703 eat to live cookbook Currently.... April 2014

Current music…  The XX.  We just saw them in concert last week and they were AMAZING!  Sounded just as good, if not better, live.  If you have not heard of The XX yet then you need get on the band wagon and check them out icon smile Currently.... April 2014

Chained by The XX:  http://

Current guilty pleasure… Game of Thrones.  We thought it would be a good idea to binge watch the previous seasons before the new season started.  This could be the reason why you have not heard from me in a while haha

game of thrones photo 85683 1920x1080 Currently.... April 2014

Khaleesi aka Mother of Dragons …my favorite character!

Current nail color…  haha yea right.  I never paint my nails willingly.  The only time I do nowadays is per Bridal request.  I like the all natural look.  Also, in an article I read a few years ago a study showed that you absorb more Vitamin D when your nails are unpainted.  The body can not absorb the suns rays when they are covered up with paint.

Current drink… Bulletproof Coffee. If you do not know what I am talking about then check out my previous post HERE where I talk all about it.

Current food… Trader Joe’s Garlic Hummus. I do not know what they do to this hummus but it is so light and fluffy.  I have tried making it myself with all the same ingredients but it never comes out the same.

Current obsession… Brazilian Butt Lift workout DVD. I am trying to get my bottom half bathing suit ready.  I slacked off a little to much this winter and it always shows there the most.

Brazil Butt Lift Currently.... April 2014

Current wish… that Chewbacca would stay as Fluffy as he is but not shed.  It is that time of the year were he is losing his winter coat and you would think he has a disease or something from the amount of hair that falls out of him on a daily basis.

wpid 20140316 182316 300x168 Currently.... April 2014


Current need… a vacation!  Work has been sooooo busy the past few months and I desperately need a hiatus.  Easter weekend is not to much farther away though. icon smile Currently.... April 2014

Current triumph… Receiving my Group Fitness Instructor Certification!  I can not wait to start teaching classes.

Current bane of my existence… This goes back to the Chewy hair.  As soon as I get done sweeping there is a new chewy tumbleweed waiting for me.  There is no escaping them!

Current indulgence… Peanut Butter! I do not think this will ever change haha

IMG 20140124 162937 975 169x300 Currently.... April 2014

My Favorite way to eat Peanut Butter!

Current procrastination… Cleaning out my car icon sad Currently.... April 2014  I have been saying that I am going to clean out my car for at least 2 months now 

Current blessing… Having the opportunity to spend more time with Andrew now.  Our schedules have been coordinating a lot better the last few weeks so we can see each other more and I hope it continues to improve icon smile Currently.... April 2014

IMG 20131110 104537 503 169x300 Currently.... April 2014

He is gonna love that I used this picture of us in our Manchester United jerseys! 

Current excitement… My Brother is getting married this summer and one of my best friends/roommate is getting married this summer too!  I am sooooo happy for them!

216093 10100126144696929 11807973 47068711 8004534 n 300x225 Currently.... April 2014

The future Mr. & Mrs.

Current mood… Happy/Tired. It has been another busy week so far.  But I am happy to finally get back to writing my post!

Current link… pinterest icon smile Currently.... April 2014

What is one of your CURRENTS?


Until next time…..



A day in the life of Chewbacca

Yesterday was Chewbacca’s 2nd Birthday!!  I can not believe it has been 2 years already.  I thought I would celebrate Chewbacca today by writing a post on how a day in his shoes/paws looks.


wpid 20140319 213250 e1395426419897 168x300 A day in the life of Chewbacca

“It’s My Birthday!”

Chewbacca wakes up around the same time as me (7 am) and immediately gets fed.  He will either greet me by jumping on top of me in the bed or sneaking up on me while I’m still asleep and lick my face (precious).  There is nothing better than sleeping up to his adorable face smiling at me and wagging his tail. icon smile A day in the life of Chewbacca


img 3212 300x225 A day in the life of Chewbacca

“Wake up Mom”

Shortly after breakfast we go for a walk.  Chewbacca is obsessed with squirrels and is HORRIBLE at walking on a leash when they are out.  It is literally like tug-of-war with me and him.

wpid 20140302 102217 e1395425716886 168x300 A day in the life of Chewbacca


After our walk or run Chewbacca usually plops down to take nap #1.

wpid 20140219 220343 e1394475174350 168x300 A day in the life of Chewbacca

nap time

I leave for work shortly after while Chewbacca and Andrew have bonding time doing who knows what (watching sports/video games) before Andrew leaves for work.

He has a couple more naps.

2012 09 10 22 10 35 22 300x169 A day in the life of Chewbacca

3262 4576548297510 1081385119 n 300x300 A day in the life of Chewbacca

Nap time again

Stares out the window looking for squirrels .


wpid FOTBA94 300x168 A day in the life of Chewbacca

“Squirrel! Cat! Dog! Human!”

When I arrive home Chewbacca is right at the door waiting to greet me! :)  He is in a very playful mood and wants to play tug-of-war, catch, or just show of his favorite toy (which is his bunny rabbit,Foo Foo, this week).

2012 12 30 08 10 44 358 169x300 A day in the life of Chewbacca


wpid 20140319 213223 e1395426445783 168x300 A day in the life of Chewbacca



wpid FOTBDBF 300x168 A day in the life of Chewbacca

Battle wounds after Play time….1 point Chewbacca 0 Andrew

He gets his snack a little later along with a few treats if he behaves.

wpid 20140226 223823 300x168 A day in the life of Chewbacca

“Snack time!”

Chewbacca likes to workout with Justine and I sometimes.

wpid 20140228 193018 300x168 A day in the life of Chewbacca

2012 09 24 09 04 40 656 300x169 A day in the life of Chewbacca

Chewy enjoys a little yoga here and there too

After working out its bedtime…

wpid 20140318 220759 e1395428005426 168x300 A day in the life of Chewbacca

Well that about sums up a day in the life of Chewbacca.  Really makes me wish I was a dog sometimes, life seems so simple haha…..Happy Friday everyone!

How do you celebrate your pets birthday?

Andrew and I gave Chewy a new toy, his bunny rabbit (I call him FooFoo).  We also spoiled him with Bacon & Cheese treats all day, gave him an empty peanut butter jar to lick clean, along with a raw hide chip.  He also got a new roommate on his Birthday!!  Justine and Josh just got a new puppy, Summer :)  A full blood German Shepherd.  He is so cute!


 A day in the life of Chewbacca

Meet Summer!

Until next time….


Bulletproof Coffee & St. Patrick’s Day

Well I am 24 hrs late but HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!

wpid 20140312 081336 300x168 Bulletproof Coffee & St. Patricks Day

Green smoothie

Had a green smoothie for breakfast Friday to start off St. Patrick Day weekend!  It had Almond milk, spinach, frozen mango chunks….simple but delicious!

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a little early since it fell on a Monday this year.  We spent the day at National Whitewater Center in Charlotte with Andrews parents and sister.  I had no idea this place even existed but it was sooo much fun!

wpid IMG 20140316 090545 300x300 Bulletproof Coffee & St. Patricks Day

Before and After

Kaitlyn and I ran the Color Me Green 5k that morning through their trails.  It was fun but super crowded.  I was weaving in and out of other runners the whole time.  Within the first 10 steps I took I got a huge pile of green cornstarch thrown in my left ear.  I am still cleaning green out of my ear haha.

wpid 20140315 130224 300x168 Bulletproof Coffee & St. Patricks Day

Good luck charm!

After the race we all hung out at the Center and drank some beers :).  They had live music going until 5pm  and the river turned green around 1pm.

wpid IMG 20140316 101100 300x300 Bulletproof Coffee & St. Patricks Day


wpid 20140315 130941 300x168 Bulletproof Coffee & St. Patricks Day

It is on my to-do list to go back to the National Whitewater Center this summer to do all the activities.  They have over 20 activities to do, i.e. whitewater rafting, kayaking, zip line, bike trails, rock climbing, etc.

wpid 20140316 1459361 300x168 Bulletproof Coffee & St. Patricks Day

Trader Joe’s is the Shiznit!

By the time we got home Sunday it was raining already.  I did a quick run to the grocery before it started to pour.  Did some quick food prep for the week before I went to bed.  I was exhausted!  It had been a long week!

So one of my best girlfriends, Nikki, told me I needed to try out the Bulletproof Coffee fad.  I had heard about this a couple of times from friends but have never tried it out myself until now.

In case you do not know what Bulletproof coffee is and what it is suppose to do, here is what I found during my research.

Add 1-2tbsp of grass fed, unsalted butter to your cup of coffee/tea and blend.  It should come out frothy and look like a latte.

wpid 20140317 074430 300x168 Bulletproof Coffee & St. Patricks Day

Bulletproof coffee


No caffeine crash!

Suppress appetite!

Teach your body to burn fat for energy!

These are the main bullet points that I captured from my reading.  People who are trying to lose weight with this should replace the Bulletproof coffee for breakfast.  I am not so I have just been eating fruit and nuts along with it in the morning.

Today is Day 2 of my trial.  My energy has stayed level for about 6-7 hours with no crash!!  I did not get any caffeine jitters like I would sometimes before!  I have not really noticed any appetite suppression though.  I feel like it would take a lot of butter to suppress my appetite haha.

I am going to continue with this for another few weeks and I will keep y’all updated on my Bulletproof coffee journey.


Have you tried Bulletproof Coffee?  What did you think of it?


 Until next time…