“These are a few of my favorite things”

Wow this year is flying by already!  I can not believe it is the 1st May in a few day.  I thought I would slow things down a bit today and savor a few of my favorite things.

It is the little things in life that matter the most!



Sunflower16 300x240 These are a few of my favorite things

Food…..Peanut Butter (its an addiction)

pb These are a few of my favorite things

Book….Born to Run (this is a great to story to read even if you are not a runner)

Movie….Moulon Rouge and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (I watch this movie year around it just puts me in a good mood every time)

Outfit….Yoga pants and a t-shirts/tank top (comfort is #1)

Places…. Laurel Fork, VA and Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Drink….Alcoholic: Mojito     Non-Alcoholic: Water (I like to keep things simple)

Restaurant…. Any good Sushi restaurant

Word…. Doodle (don’t ask why but it always has been.  It is fun just to say)

Holiday…. Halloween (I love a reason to dress up and I love fall weather!)

Day of the week…. Saturday 

Season…. Fall (It is so pretty when the leaves begin to change colors)

fall leaves 300x240 These are a few of my favorite things

Store…. T.J. Maxx (I am a Maxxanista haha)

Show….Game of thrones!! ( I don’t think I need to say much more)

khalessi 300x300 These are a few of my favorite things


What are some of your favorite things?  What are the little things that mean the most to you?


Until next time….





Highlights from SS’s Week

Happy Friday everyone!  It is a bitter sweet end to this week because it has been National Laboratory Week (that is my profession in case you didn’t know haha).  My week has been full of games, free food, and themed days all week.  So I am sad to see this week end but I am happy to be heading to the beach tonight icon smile Highlights from SSs Week

wpid 20140425 112448 300x168 Highlights from SSs Week

I wanted to do a quick recap on some of the highlights from my week.

wpid 20140419 1255541 300x168 Highlights from SSs Week

You can never do wrong with Chips and Salsa.

Last weekend was spent at the beach with my moms whole family.  It is tradition to spend Easter weekend at the beach with everyone.  It was a lot of fun like always even though it rained the whole weekend booooooo.  So we spent most of the day inside hanging out, eating, and drinking ;).  I whipped up a batch of some of my favorite appetizers to share with everyone on Saturday…. Sangria, cucumber slices, guacamole, and chips & salsa.

wpid 20140425 082009 e1398437577679 168x300 Highlights from SSs Week

Andrew surprised me with Sunflowers on Wednesday icon smile Highlights from SSs Week

wpid Screenshot 2014 04 11 14 43 10 168x300 Highlights from SSs Week

Summers ears have officially popped up!  He just needs to grow into those giant paws now haha

wpid 20140424 190746 300x168 Highlights from SSs Week

Tried out a new recipe with broccoli noodle spaghetti (substituted in for my spaghetti noodles).  I am not ready to share the recipe yet.  It still needs a few twirks.

That’s about all for this week :)  What are some highlights from your week?

Until next time….


Body Weight Circuit

Hey everyone!  I hope you all are having a fantastic week so far!  It has finally started to look and feel like Spring this week.  The wind is blowing, the pollen is out, and the sun is shining haha.  Our floors are not only covered in Chewy hair anymore there is pollen dust bunny’s running around too.  I have not gotten on the Spring Cleaning band wagon just yet.

early spring cleaning 300x224 Body Weight Circuit

Once I finally get time to clean this is how I will look…..

I am sure you are all working on getting “Bathing suit ready” or at least thinking about it….I have been for the last month. I wanted to share with you all a fun Body Weight Circuit that you can do from home with out any equipment.

SS Body Weight Circuit

I have broken the workout down to 3 circuits and you are going to repeat the circuit 3 Xs.  This took me about 30mins to complete the circuits 3 Xs each.

Circuit 1

30 Mountain climbers

15 Side plank lifts (each side)

15 Donkey kicks (each leg)

Circuit 2

30 High knees

30 Side leg raises (each leg)

15 Supermans

30 sec. Plank

Circuit 3

30 Butt kicks

15 Push-ups

5 Pendulum lunges (each leg front & back)

30 Scissor kicks

Now repeat 2 more Xs icon smile Body Weight Circuit

I love this workout because you can do it practically anywhere, on vacation in your hotel, on your lunch break at work, etc.  Enjoy and get your sweat on!

Coming soon…. The kitchen utensil I can not cook without

Until next time friends…